Kome-bukuro (rice bag) is a Japanese drawstring bag used to carry offerings of rice to temples or shrines.  Comprised of stripes, checks and Katazome, the cotton and silk cloth I use has been recycled from old kimonos, furoshiki or futon covers. In the decontruction process, the steam of my iron releases a whiff of foreign aromas. Traces of flowers, cedar or incense add an unseen and timeless element to the process. My goal is to design not only functional work, but pieces that can hang as engaging compositons, in honor of the centuries old dying and weaving techniques, now virtually lost. The word literally means Rice (kome), Bag (bukuro.)

Each bag measures 10" tall (not including loops) and has a 7" x 7" square bottom. It is lined with Yukata fabric and has a 5" inside pocket.

Komebukuro Silk #89